Things ain’t what they used to be

Amsterdam has always being a city of change. Change to breathe life back into areas. The old industrial sites to the north of the city, along the harbour are a case in point. No longer in use factories, warehouses have been closed or demolished. But luckily some buildings have been renovated and reopen in a new exciting guise. The old staff canteen for the shipbuilders ia yet again open for business as a restaurant. A listed building previously used as a grain silo has been converted into apartments and office space (oh how I want to live in this building!)

On one wharf you now see trams parked up, going nowhere. These great old trams have been lovingly restored and are now the base for a charity running creative events for kids. Sometimes they also have things for big kids as well! Theatre shows, craft workshops, stories of past times on the wharf are among the many varied activities. It is a great initiative.

But what I love most are the trams themselves. This is Trammeland, with its own garden, post box and lots of quirky items in, on and around the trams.

Tram 001 Tram 002 Tram 004 Tram 003 Crane hotel


Behind the trams is an old crane from the 1950’s. No longer lifting goods from far off lands from the incoming ships. It needed a new use and now it has one. It is a hotel. 3 rooms created out of the old cabins and on the very top a jacuzzi! Definitely a room with a view.

It is great to see new life for this area. Sometimes it just needs a little bit of creativity and voila! a place is alive again.

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I was awake with the light again today.

And had the perfect start to my day.

I sat on the beach with a cup of tea.

No one else around.

Just me, the sand and the sea.


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Bag is packed again

Yes,the bag is being packed again and I’m off on my travels.

This journey is one of return for me. The first time I am returning to a country for a second long trip. I am curious and slightly aprehensive if new good memories will be added to those from my last trip.

So which far off land is it? Sri Lanka.

I visited almost ten years ago. This was a somewhat shorter visit therefore I only had the opportunity to make quick visits to a small number olf places. I always knew I wanted to visit again and this year I had the opportunity.

On my way I will be revisiting places; giving myself extra time to experience them. I also have a few new things to look forward to. I am including my love of wildlife this time around. Making a visit to one of the National Parks and taking to the high seas in search of whales.

I will see if a return visit is a good idea. Will it live up to my expectations? I do hope so.

Have you ever revisited somewhere? What were your experiences the secobd ( or maybe even thurd time) around?

Postscript: I am already here. I forgot to publish this before I left. Only found it when I went to write a new post 🙂

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Robert Capa

Today (22nd October) would have been Robert Capa’s 100th birthday.

Magnum and the International Center of Photography have started ‘Get Closer’.

For 100 days they will post a Capa photo every day, with a response from another well-known photographer. The world at large is then free to respond with their own shots.

Even on day 1 it has been interesting to see the responses.

I am also curious to see if they will feature non Magnum members: today the other chosen photographer was Steve McCurry.

You can find the site here.

And yes, it is also a good social media campaign in the lead up to the ICP’s Capa exhibition!

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Marathon Man

It is the Amsterdam Marathon today.

In honour of all those running today, here is a shot I took at the same event a few years ago.

Marathon Man

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